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When winter gets tough and your gloves aren’t enough to keep your hands warm, your first thought would be, “I need thicker gloves.” However, thicker gloves don’t always mean more warmth! Why Thicker Gloves Aren’t Enough Sometimes thick gloves are just that, thick material that can’t protect your hands from the elements. With thicker material, can come thicker thread and more porous material which can allow wind and cold air to get inside the glove. What Really Keeps Your Hands the Warmest this Winter To keep your hands the warmest, you need insulation. There are many types of insulation, which...

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Ever wondered what the different parts of a glove are called? We have created a diagram for your viewing pleasure and for all to understand all the pieces and parts that go into a modern fashion glove.

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             When shopping for new gloves, it's always important to know what you are buying. Leather comes in all types, colors, textures, finishes and more. Becoming an expert on leather can take so much time. For your shopping convenience and possibly your pure obsession with gloves and leather, we have put together a comprehensive definition guide to most types of leather, the process of creating that leather and other important things to understand what you are buying.   Capeskin and Glacé             The offspring of the hair-sheep of south Africa or south America, capeskin is...

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