Why Thick Gloves Aren’t Enough to Keep Your Hands Warm

When winter gets tough and your gloves aren’t enough to keep your hands warm, your first thought would be, “I need thicker gloves.” However, thicker gloves don’t always mean more warmth!

Why Thicker Gloves Aren’t Enough

Sometimes thick gloves are just that, thick material that can’t protect your hands from the elements. With thicker material, can come thicker thread and more porous material which can allow wind and cold air to get inside the glove.

What Really Keeps Your Hands the Warmest this Winter

To keep your hands the warmest, you need insulation. There are many types of insulation, which is also different from the lining. Lining touches your hand, insulation goes between the lining and the outside shell of the glove. The lining can help with warmth, but it is really only for comfort. The main idea or concept behind insulation is to keep the heat from your hands inside the glove or whatever application it is used for.

Insulation is Nearly Unnoticeable

Insulation like Thinsulate® is so thin that you don’t notice any extra bulk when you are wearing the gloves. Thinsulate insulation also has the ability to keep heat in the glove better than any shell material. With special moisture wicking, your hands will also stay dry as long as they aren’t submerged in water.

Get the Right Gloves

So, if you are looking for the warmest gloves this season, shop our wide selection of gloves with Thinsulate insulation and keep your hands warm this winter.

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