About Us

In the late 1800’s Gloversville glove companies accounted for more than 90% of the U.S. glove production. For generations, the glove industry has flourished in Fulton County, New York. Today, GII continues that legacy by living up to the standards presented by its ancestors of the industry.

GII provides the best quality cold weather accessories to a wide variety of customers, willing to face any production challenge. We provide our customers with delicately stitched gloves at competitive prices. Only the best materials that are made to last, are used in all of our products.

Being that gloves are typically a seasonal item, we produce gloves for many environments and needs. Certain lines of our gloves can be worn year round to comfort the wearer in any case. Comfort is key to glove wear, which is why we work carefully to ensure that our gloves have a true fit.


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